Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Great Christmas Gift....

Okay, so many of you know that I am in a crazy quick move to the greatest state in the US, TEXAS, but I was aching to be KRAFTY!!!! So a friend of mine, Taryn & I got together & decided that before I left we wanted to get our Christmas gifts out of the way. We decided that birthday calendars would be a great gift for grandmoms & great grand-moms so we sat down to what we thought was going to take a couple of nights & it turned in a 5 night project. Granted, we did 9 of these babies & we are totally excited about how they came out. To get a better view of the examples, just click on the photo. We used an array of stamps from current to retired. All of the colors used were current colors of Stampin' Up!

January & February
March & April
May & June
July & August
September & October
November & December

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Audra said...

Love the calendars, but your links don't work. I'd love to see what you were trying to share.